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The Changeful Map - Book 1

To the folk of Springvale Manor, the forest encircling their fields seems full of peril, but once each month, the servant girl Kathe waits at its edge for the guide who will lead her home. When an enigmatic great horned owl offers its help, she begins an astonishing journey through the ancient forest and into a past full of magic.

The Changeful Map can be ordered in ebook format from Amazon or in paperback format from the author by sending her an email from the Contact page of this website.



The Unchanging Island - Book Two

Forced to abandon their beloved forest by the power hungry magician, Honorus, time has literally stopped for the People of Pallus. They are trapped on a small island beyond the stream of time and have given up hope of rescue. Katherine Elder and her friend Meg have vowed to find them even though the way forward is clouded with uncertainty and danger. Thwarted in his attempts to use the Changeful Map, Honorus is determined to find, and enslave, the People. It will take all of the ingenuity of Katherine and her companions, along with some unexpected help from their enigmatic animal guides, to rescue the People - and avoid being forever mired in the meandering winds of time on the Unchanging Island.

The Unchanging Island can be ordered from Amazon in ebook or paperback format.