Almost There

The second book in the Healing Winds Trilogy now has a title, The Unchanging Island. Emily Cook made a beautiful painting, including a portrait of an important new character, and Doug turned it into a striking cover. Seeing the cover makes it feel like a real book even though I have not yet held a copy in my hands.

Book One, The Changeful Map, is already available as an e-book for Kindle, and we have a supply of print copies. The Unchanging Island is nearly ready for printing, and after that Doug, the amazing and undaunted tech guy, will turn it into an e-book too. The release date for Book Two is October 1.

Meanwhile, I have started to write the third installment, and as usual, the story is moving in unexpected directions. This is one of the most fascinated aspects of writing to me. I can sit down at the computer expecting characters to follow certain paths, but over the last seven hundred pages they have become real people who can make their own decisions, and they sometimes turn out to be wiser than I am.   

Soon there will be three books telling one complicated story. The next task, which is much murkier, is to let people know the books are available. If there is someone out there who has already read The Changeful Map, I would enjoy hearing from you, and if you are so inclined, you could leave a review on Amazon. Postcards announcing the release of The Unchanging Island are ready to be mailed in August.

There is a lot of noise out there -- and a lot of books are being written and released. These are mine, and we are determined to give them a push out into the world as best we can.