The Last Sunday in March

If ever a month was made for writing, it must be March. It is also a month for reading, for knitting and weaving, and for baking -- in fact for any beloved indoor activity. Now that the light and the red-winged black birds are returning, and the outside world beckons, the trick will be to keep writing, and not just on rainy days.

Over the past month, I finished re-reading The Changeful Map and cleaned it up considerably. Doug has been formatting it so that it can be published as an e-book very soon.

The second book in the series is finished and ready to be copied so that readers can offer suggestions. The working title is The Stream of Time. My daughter, Emily, is working on the cover. I can't wait to see it. I love the image she created for The Changeful Map, but she is all grown up now, and her art has grown and changed with her. I am sure the cover will reflect that.

I have begun to plan the third book in this series, in which I will have to untangle a snarl of story lines. It is my own fault. When I was telling Doug about all the different directions in which the characters are heading, he asked, "But what happens to Bethany and Gerard?" There will be five separate, but intersecting, plot lines -- at least.

Finally, after joining a writer's group at the Art Center here in Frankfort, I found myself in need of some short, self-explanatory, fiction to share for readers who aren't necessarily fantasy readers. I decided to write short stories that can stand alone, but which also embellish or explain pieces of the Healing Winds story so far. If I like them, they will also appear in this space.

Happy Spring.